Exhibition of Contemporary Cuban Ceramics Opens in Havana,

An exhibition which includes sculptures, installations and projects, organized by the National Museum of Contemporary Cuban Ceramics, can be seen until August 31 in the White Hall of the Convent of St. Francis of Assis. The exhibition, part of the 10th Biennial of Ceramics, includes 39 works by 37 artists and a personal exhibition by Carlos Enrique Prado Herrera, a three-dimensional installation consisting of eight digital impressions. Artists like Osmani Betancourt, Teresa Sánchez Bravo, Humberto Díaz Pérez, Ioan Carratalá Corrales and Jenny Feal Gomez, among others, are exhibiting their works, which invite reflection on the validity of sculpture and its many applications. This year the biennial included, for the first time - projects like the work Garden, by Javier Martinez and Tobias Martinez and which earned them the special prize in the contest organized by the Museum on June 15. Ibis Ana Rivero, a specialist of the institution, highlighted the presence of young artists in this event and the efforts of the participants, taking into account the difficult material conditions of today, especially for a discipline such as ceramics. Organizing Committee Chairman of the Biennale, Alejandro Alonso, told AIN that the objective of this event is to boost ceramics being considered as another expression of art. Each Biennial responds to characteristics of the moments through the development of art in Cuba and is the daughter of the effort made by artists who have chosen this event as the bearer of aesthetic concerns, said Alonso. The exhibition shows the high level of aesthetics achieved by ceramics in Cuba,as well as the diversity of approaches addressed by the artists.

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